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The Free Math Tutor Send me email at: For high school Math students, the Green and Orange links on the right lead to pages which demonstrate the main topics of high school Math. Molecular Model of Nicotine:

Stats tutoring

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My comments on tutoring Statistics: I am a certified high school teacher in Kentucky currently working on my PhD in instruction and administration with emphases in mathematics education and assessment. I have 16 years of high school teaching experience, have taken several stats cases in my doctoral work, authured websites on learning stats, and tutored several doctoral students in stats.

I also served as math department chair, a mentor teacher, and primary curriculum writer. After 16 years of high school classroom teaching experience in Missouri, I decided to pursue my doctorate in education at UK. I'm certified in secondary math grades in both Missouri and Kentucky and have 4 years of college level teaching as well.

While finishing my doctorate, I'm currently teaching the secondary Practicum for prospective math, science, social studies, and language arts teachers.

Stats tutoring

D dot Nelson at uky dot edu for more info. My high school students have said that I'm completely focused on them, communicate very effectively and add humor whenever possible.


You can check my ratings from students at www.About STATS4STEM. Fully funded by the National Science Foundation, STATS4STEM provides a collection of learning, assessment, tutoring, data, and computing resources for statistics educators and their students.

Business Statistics is the study of analyzing data and running statistical tests to make conclusions based on the statistical results. Business Statistics includes descriptive and inferential statistics, the use of discrete and continuous distributions in performing statistical testing, and parametricand non-parametric statistical methods.

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Homework help - post Homework Questions, Assignments & Papers. Get Answers from premium tutors 24/7. Statistics (Stats) Tutoring in NYC Statistics, or more commonly referred to as “Stats” is used to analyze different types of data.

The Study Shack’s Statistics tutors are very experienced in all areas of stats. CSBS Tutoring Center The College of Social and Behavioral Sciences offers free drop-in statistics, methods, and writing tutoring!

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The CSBS Statistics, Methods, and Writing Tutoring Center is located in SH (first floor, down the hall from the big globe)! Parents of children preparing to write the – SEA examination!

Please ensure that their teachers / private tutors are aware of the syllabus changes and the new examination formats and that your children are being prepared for the exam properly.

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