Overcrowded classrooms essay

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Overcrowded classrooms essay

Half of the school has never met the principal, let alone know him by face. These large classes are typically "successful" in honors classes. We still had problems with programming well into late November.


Despite the fact of the diversity in the school, we have fewer clubs than a school of Although we got 3 A's in 3 years, the state still doubts our credibility.

December 12, at 1: My child tried to sneak out of finishing her homework this last Friday, having my brother who takes her to school sign off on it, after I told her I would not sign off until she did a better job on her reading summary.

Overcrowded classrooms essay

All I was asking for was 3 more sentences which would take all of 5 minutes. My brother said to ask me if it was okay, and she disappeared into my bedroom for about a minute, came back out and said, "Momma said yes.

She felt 2 sentences were acceptable, even though they did not in any way have anything to do with a summary. My child will be turning her work in late on Monday, with a note to the teacher that all assignments may only be signed by myself and my husband. Her teacher asked my brother why I wanted it back, apparently it is acceptable to have even a family friend sign off on a child's homework in her classroom.

She was impressed then, but I guess with all the parents that just don't care, she's forgotten that some do. December 11, at 2: They're afraid to make customers unhappy after all the criticisms they have been receiving. December 11, at 9: The school is also half Hispanic, with many immigrants needing language instruction, something teachers find challenging with so many children.

If you are an illegal immigrant, than you should pay public tuition for your child to attend school You are making the assumption that non-english speakers are illegal immigrants — an assumption that is simply not true. Some of my third generation high school students still speak their native languages at home.

In addition, many of my english language learners were refuges and legal immigrants. It is important to consider deeper the sources of the issues before making judgments December 11, at 4: They all speak to the failing education system, lack of parenting skills, horrible economic system and a slew of others factors that are plaguing American society.

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Essentially we all have to take responsibility as a people December 11, at 1: She is on welfare and just had her 6th baby. Well, not paying taxes at all, in fact draining them -what does she expect? They can't squeeze blood from a stone.

Here is the truth. They are in good well to do communities so they get best pick of students with good parents.

Overcrowded Classrooms Essay Sample

Bad students with bad parents have to apply outside of their zone schools to get into these schools. Smart principals will fill up first with good students and when out of zones students apply they take the pick of the litter before giving a few left over space for bad out of zone students.Dec 06,  · Not only does class size matter but overall teacher load matters.

We have teachers at the high school level with over 40 students per class for 5 classes. That means their load is over students. It makes it very difficult to grade that many English or SS papers and give the feedback that good teachers want to do. Overcrowding Problems arising through overcrowding today affect the entire staff and school population in so many communities.

Only a total approach, coordinated by school leaders and using all avail classrooms between shifts October Property conflicts as desks and materials are shared Elimination of important services and.

Overcrowded classrooms essay

Classrooms that are overcrowded and the lack of attention from teachers instigate class disruption among students. Causes of the Problem. The best way to get children's attention is a problem for new and inexperienced teachers/5(2). Overcrowded classrooms present difficulty for teachers in South Africa (Mtika, ).

Although there are policies put in place to alleviate the problem of overcrowding in classrooms, this is not.


Below is an essay on "Overcrowded Classrooms" from Anti Essays, your source for research papers, essays, and term paper examples. The Effects of Overcrowded Classrooms Al’DeShaun M.

Jaudon/5(1). Open enrollment students also are a factor in overcrowded classrooms. For example, if the number of students is increasingly rising each year, they should bring the number of students that are allowed to open enroll down even more.5/5(1).

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