If you don t know who you

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If you don t know who you

Really though, this has a much deeper meaning. The idea is that there are different levels of understanding. You have to have at least an idea of where you are with a particular subject. The different levels of understanding are: This is also the stage where self-doubt creeps in.

This can range from learning to drive a car to starting a new job to getting married. The key to moving past conscious incompetence is realizing that everyone is at this point sometime in their life with everything they do.

You will make mistakes. Conscious Competence Conscious competence is where you have a reasonable mastery of the task. You can perform it if you remain focused and on task. A good example of this is a teenager who has been driving for a year or so.

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The greatest danger of conscious competence is complacency. It has to be automatic. This automatic reaction comes from: Unconscious Competence Unconscious competence is the highest level of understanding.

You know it without even thinking about it. You can perform the skill at this point, it can be called a skill with ease even under pressure. You might be driving and have an animal run out in the road in front of you.

Automatically you check your mirrors for other cars. At the same time, your foot starts gently braking. Your mind taking all of the factors into consideration has you swerve to the left without slamming on the brakes and you drive on with you and the animal unharmed.

All this happened in a second or two. With conscious competence, you would have had to think of each of the steps and it would have taken much longer to react. This level of performance has also been called muscle memory. Your muscles and nerve connections trained by hours of repetitive movement will automatically move in coordinated movement.

This is how world class tennis players can serve consistently and accurately. This is how when I was in the military was able to shoot on the move extremely accurately. Unconscious competence takes dedication. Once it is reached, it is beauty in motion.

Everything is Unknown…Until You Know It The key to all this is to understand you are always starting out from a position of unconscious incompetence. Slowly you will find yourself in conscious incompetence. Move past the self-doubt and feelings of inadequacy.

Work at being better until you reach the point of mastery where it just feels right. Are you at a place in your life that you just realized you were operating in unconscious incompetence or is there something that you want to develop to a point of unconscious competence?

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If you don t know who you

Whether you realize it or not, you use Google. Chrome, Android, YouTube. But we bet you didn't know the original name. Or who first offered to buy it. Read the What do you eat when you don't know what you want? discussion from the Chowhound General Discussion, Breakfast food community.

Join the discussion today. If you don't know something, that's just tough, you don't know it and you have to live with that. You don't have information if you don't have that information. The other meaning is that not only are there gaps in our knowledge, but often we don't even know what the gaps in our knowledge are.

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