Help with speech therapy

If so, your child may have a speech delay or language delay. Many times when we speak of children with speech delays, we are referring to delays in pronunciation speech as well as delays in general speaking skills language. Typically we consider children to have a delay in communication when they use fewer than 10 words by 18 months of age or fewer than 80 words at 2 years, though there is no hard and fast rule about this.

Help with speech therapy

It is not uncommon for a child with sensory processing disorder SPD to also receive speech services. This is why it is crucial that, as SLPs, we gain an understanding of SPD and how to help a child with their sensory needs. In doing so, we can understand the root of the behavior, avoid meltdowns, and make progress in intervention.

Children with SPD do not have adequate sensory processing skills to receive, organize, interpret and respond to sensory information efficiently. This negatively affects their attention, behavior, and development. Indicators that a child may have sensory processing disorder: Avoids certain textures while eating or playing You may know that a child on your caseload has SPD because they have a diagnosis and are seeing an occupational therapist OT.

A quiet, dim, enclosed space is ideal. If the child starts to get over-stimulated, use calming sensory strategies such as firm squeezes, rocking, or white noise. Avoid any toys or games with unexpected movements, loud sounds, or that are scented markers, play dough.

Using a visual schedule can help them anticipate future sensory experiences.

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Create a sensory-rich environment for the child to explore and engage with. Use alerting sensory strategies to help the child engage. Try using novel and motivating toys and activities to increase engagement and sensory reactivity. The use of a visual schedule is also helpful.

If the child is older and aware of their sensory difficulties, encourage them to communicate when they are feeling overwhelmed or underwhelmed.

Discuss their sensory strategies with them and help him or her with them. If the student is seeing an OT, talk with them to get their suggestions of how to help that particular student with their sensory needs.

Websites for more information regarding SPD: Quantitative psychophysiologic evaluation of Sensory Processing in children with autistic spectrum disorders. Cure Autism Now, February Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder and sensory modulation disorder: A comparison of behavior and physiology.

Allison Fors has primarily worked with diagnoses of autism, Down syndrome, and developmental delays. I found that interactive and engaging resources were an effective way to make progress with my students.Speech-language experts agree that parental involvement is crucial to the success of a child's progress in speech or language therapy.

Parents are an extremely important part of their child's therapy program and help determine whether it is a success. Language problems are addressed with speech therapy or by treating undiagnosed ear infections or hearing problems. Your pediatrician can recommend a speech-language pathologist; the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association, in Rockville, Maryland (), can also provide a .

Speech Therapy When seniors suffer from medical conditions that make it hard to speak, communication can be frustrating and confusing. Speech therapy helps identify their problem areas and determines the best treatments to gain their communication back.

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Help with speech therapy

They can wreak havoc on your child’s teeth and lead to oral motor delays that can snowball into speech and language impairments. Oct 26,  · Speech therapy can address ways to help a child learn to communicate their wants and needs. A speech therapist may teach the child to use sign language, pictures, gestures or words to help them begin communicating in a meaningful way.

Speech therapy and vocal training, or speech training, aren’t the same, though a speech therapist may deal in all of the above, or a patient may pursue all. Speech therapy addresses specific speech impediments: problems in speaking that interfere with the capacity to speak properly.

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