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Business writing services nzt

Tuesday, December 01, Views Evidently, a lot has been spoken about the technology world and start-ups across India and the world in general.

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There are some who dream about starting a company that grows into a large and diversified corporation, but only a few manage to reach to that stage.

Sameer Gehlaut is one such man! His father Balwan Singh Gehlaut was once known to be a powerful mining businessman of his times.

business writing services nzt

How Did Sameer Started Indiabulls? And after working with them for almost two years, he came back to India to join the family business. But fate had something else in store for him!

In complete happenstance, around the middle ofa good opportunity came knocking at his doors. Without wasting much time, Sameer along with his close buddy from IIT — Rajiv Rattan, decided to buy the company and thought of starting brokerage services.

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They began their operations from a small office which had a tin roof and just two computers, near Hauz Khas bus terminal in Delhi. A few months passed by and work began to progress.

The service in the initial days was only limited for institutional investors. A portal like such leveraged them to target all the investors across the country, that too, without having to create a vast branch network.

Having that ready, finally in JanuaryIndiabulls Financial Services was officially incorporated. Now soon, after the company was incorporated, the founders aggressively began looking for investments. They even hired a Mumbai-based investment bank, Avendus Advisors, to scout around for an investor.

After deep discussions and meetings between the two parties, the deal was finally cracked. The deal was signed in London. This was the highest return of all their global investments comparatively. Nearing the end of the yearIndiabulls Securities a subsidiary of Indiabulls Financial Services started opening physical offices across India.

Inspiring Success Story of Sameer Gehlaut - Indiabulls – A success story of an unsung hero

Keeping that in mind, Indiabulls securities aggressively began establishing a strong presence and client base across India through its offices and on the internet. In a matter of a year, the company had setup nearly 75 branches.

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business writing services nzt

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